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ASU members work in offices, call centres and customer service settings across the private sector and not-for-profit community sectors.  In surveys of our membership over the past 3 – 4 years concern over climate change has ranked in the top 4 issues – alongside Rights at Work, Health & Education and the Economy.

The ASU, in recognition of this has developed a Clean & Green Guide to assist our Members and Delegates to take proactive and practical steps in their workplace to tackle climate change and promote sustainability.

The Guide we have produced includes:

  • Tried and true office best practices – covering paper consumption, energy conservation, recycling and waste management;
  • Tips on how to develop, through consultation, a workplace environmental policy and committee;
  • Purchasing Power – ASU members are uniquely placed to positively influence their employers purchasing habits and policies;
  • Bargaining for sustainability.

The emphasis is on simple and practical change that every member of the union can make to contribute towards a more sustainable office environment.

Click the links below to download PDF’s.

Green Guide – Introduction

Green Policy

Green Guide – Factsheet

Green Guide – Your Office

Green Guide – Practicalities

Green Guide – Purchasing Policies

Green Guide – Extra Information