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ASU in Call centres

The ASU has significant membership in call centres across Australia.  We represent members in both in-house call centres in the public and private sectors and contract call centres – that is call centres who are contracted by other organisations to perform call centre work.

The in-house call centres are in industries like airlines, taxation, electricity, water, TAB’s, charities, lotteries, taxis, local government, and many many more.

Call centre background

More than ten years ago the ASU undertook a national survey aimed at making call centres across Australia better places to work. Since then, the ASU has championed many important achievements that have made call centres healthier and safer places to work. We also ran another industry-wide survey in 2008-2009 (more below).

These improvements have included the development of a guide to Occupational Health and Safety and the introduction of the Contract Call Centre Award (contact us on 03 9342 3300 or

The ASU is concerned that significant unfair employment practices still exist and turnover rates continue to be high. We also want to find out about the good things that are happening in our call centres.

The 2008-09 survey of the call centre sector

The ASU launched the “It’s your call: improving Australian call centres for workers – 2009 Survey Report”, an analysis of the results of our second major survey of the industry in ten years.

The results of our survey revealed a number of issues confronting call centre workers but stress in particular has been a significant factor. As a result, the ASU has released a Stress-o-meter specifically designed to help call centre workers assess their stress levels and find relevant resources.

For more information, please have a look at the full 2009 Survey Report or the 2009 Survey Report Summary. Information to assist with workplace stress and other issues can also be found in the “Industry resources” section below.

There were over 1,500 responses and the survey results have been analysed and the report was launched on 19 November 2009.

The survey was designed to give a snapshot of what is like to work in the industry today and will assist the ASU in making further improvements. Further changes need to be made so all call centre workers can enjoy the same working conditions and protections.