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Protect Our Penalty Rates


We have penalty rates because members of the Australian Services Union fought hard to ensure that workers were fairly rewarded for working difficult hours.  From staffing call centres, getting you safely to your destinations in airlines and travel to staffing essential community services, ASU members are working unsociable hours so that others can enjoy their weekends, nights and holidays.  They miss out on vital time with friends and family and deserve to be fairly compensated.  For many, that compensation helps to make ends meet.

With your help we must fight the changes the Federal Government and employer groups want to make that would tear up our penalty rates.   You can:

Sign the petition calling on the government to #saveourweekend here:

Check you are getting the right rate of pay by contacting us at

Build a better future by joining the Australian Unions’ campaign for the Federal election to FIGHT FOR OUR LIVING STANDARDS  Sign up at