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Secure Jobs Secure Data

Secure Jobs Secure Data is a joint campaign of the Australian Services Union (ASU) and the Finance Sector Union (FSU) focussed on the crisis facing professional services workers whose jobs are being offshored at an alarming rate.

The campaign is also concerned about the offshoring of Australian’s sensitive personal data which follows the jobs going offshore, and how this affects our privacy and security.

2012 report “Offshoring and Off Work”

In 2012, the ASU and FSU commissioned NIEIR to update their original report into offshoring that was released in 2008. The new report confirmed business off-shoring practices are costing Australia 20,000-25,000 administrative and financial services jobs every year.

The White Collar Jobs Crisis

To raise the volume of the campaign against offshoring, the ASU and FSU commissioned a video showing the human face of the crisis. The video was launched at the ACTU Congress 2012. The ASU/FSU presentation to Congress on the state of the white collar sector threw a spotlight on the crisis facing not just workers in the sector but the Australian economy in general.

News item about the video launch: Stop offshoring our future, 16 May 2012

History of the campaign

The ASU, FSU and other unions saw the looming crisis caused by offshoring many years ago. In 2008, NIEIR was commissioned by the ASU, FSU and other concerned unions to produce their first report into offshoring.