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Media Releases

Call Centre Code represents best practice for workers, industry and government

21 February 2017

The ASU has welcomed the launch of a new Call Centre Code with the Victorian Government, describing it as best practice for government procurement of outsourced call centre services. The Call Centre Code dictates minimum standards in the call centre industry, a large employer with an important role in providing many essential government services.  It

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Menzies EBA 2017 Survey

18 November 2016

The Menzies Sydney and Melbourne Airport EBA expires on 31 January 2017. So that ASU can make claims that reflect the views of members covered by the next agreements we hope you will fill out this short survey about what you think is important to include in the next agreement. The results of the survey

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Media Releases

Qantas ground staff EBA ground-breaking

13 October 2016

Qantas ground staff EBA ground-breaking The new Qantas ground staff EBA has been hailed as ground-breaking by the union leadership following a 93% vote in favour of the EBA by members. As well as pay increases, the EBA contains domestic and family violence leave and family friendly provisions which help address retirement income inequality.  The

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