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ASU to fight Salmat jobs

The Australian Services Union has today called on Transurban to stand by Australian workers as its call centre supplier, Salmat announced it will axe around 50 jobs from its call centre in Melbourne and offshoring jobs to Manila.

ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch Secretary, Ingrid Stitt, said that the move by Salmat was simply unconscionable and demonstrated the company was determined to put profits ahead of its workforce

“With Transurban as one of the main users of the Salmat call centre, we call on them to exert all possible pressure on Salmat to retain Australian jobs,” Ms Stitt said.

“Transurban prides itself on being a sustainable company, committed to delivering the best outcomes for their government clients and the communities they serve. It’s time they act on their commitment.

“Being sustainable is also being responsible for sustainable jobs in Australia.  That’s why we are calling on Transurban not to accept the offshoring of Australian jobs by Salmat, the company it relies on to manage its call centre operations.

“There’s little doubt Transurban has massive leverage in being able to demand a domestic-based service that delivers local jobs.  As a company worth more than $19.6 billion dollars with a steadily increasing shareprice, Transurban can demand that call centre jobs must be kept here and not shipped off overseas.

“The ASU calls on Transurban to demand Salmat retain these jobs here in Melbourne now and into the future.

“Offshoring should not be an option for Australian companies and we are going to fight and collaborate for alternatives that will be better for workers, and the customers they service,”said Ms Stitt.

The ASU will hold a protest outside Transurban offices today to show they’ll fight these job losses.

For media enquiries contact: Elisa Fernandes on 0414 873 625

WHEN:            Today, Wednesday, 27 May 2015
WHERE:         Group meeting at Gate 1 of Etihad Stadium at 12.20pm to walk to Transurban offices at 727 Collins Street, Docklands.
TIME:              12.20pm-1pm

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