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Call Centre Code represents best practice for workers, industry and government

The ASU has welcomed the launch of a new Call Centre Code with the Victorian Government, describing it as best practice for government procurement of outsourced call centre services.

The Call Centre Code dictates minimum standards in the call centre industry, a large employer with an important role in providing many essential government services.  It has employee rights at its core, ensuring that a contingent government workforce is treated appropriately and within the workplace relations and OH&S legislative framework.

“The Code applies to all call centre operators providing services to the Victorian Government.  These workers – regardless of who employs them – are providing services for government and deserve the same protections as other workers across government,” said ASU Victorian Branch Secretary Ingrid Stitt.

“This is a model for how responsible governments can act to ensure outsourced services are provided ethically, within workplace laws and protect employees and industry from unscrupulous operators.

“Private sector involvement in service provision for government has to occur in line with community standards – and the community expects workers to be treated fairly.”

An ASU initiative, the Call Centre Code has been in place since 2002, and was updated in 2006.  Call Centre providers must comply with the Code as a condition of any contract in which they bid for.  It contains compliance requirements for measures covering workplace relations, equal opportunity, OH&S and worker entitlements.

The most recent changes to the Code reflect legislative change which has occurred over the past decade.

“The Code aims to ensure that work is carried out lawfully, fairly, and safely, and outlines workplace relations and occupational health and safety requirements,” Ms Stitt said.

“In a time of intense overseas competition, it has never been more important to protect the industry and its workers alike.”

A copy of the Code is available here.

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21 February 2017


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