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ASU members demand better security

The ASU has been contacted by many ASU members across Melbourne Airport outraged and shocked by the recent alleged assault on a Jetstar employee in the public toilets.

Whilst the ASU does not intend to go into the specific details of this incident out of respect for the privacy of the staff member concerned, and due to an ongoing police investigation, we think it appropriate to advise that we don’t believe this is the first time an incident like this has occurred.

Further, we believe that urgent action needs to be taken to provide the safety and security airport ground staff need and deserve so that this kind of incident is never repeated.

The ASU has demanded that Jetstar employees are afforded the opportunity to utilise secure bathroom facilities irrespective of the time it takes to get to and from the facilities.

Jetstar has an obligation to provide a safe working environment for employees as does every airport employer.  If Jetstar (and your employer) are not prepared to insist that Melbourne Airport provide additional secure bathroom facilities for airline and airport employees then they must allow employees to utilise facilities in secure areas including going airside.

What does the ASU intend to do?

The ASU will be contacting all employers at the airport demanding that safe and secure bathroom facilities are adequate and if not that they are provided.

We will be advising all employers that if an employee is disciplined or performance managed for taking too long to go to and from a secure location then they will feel the full wrath of the ASU.  Our members safety is not negotiable.

We will also be demanding a meeting with Melbourne Airport where all airline and ground handler stakeholders are in attendance to get this issue addressed.

In the meantime.

If you feel unsafe/uncomfortable/concerned in any way about using public toilets don’t use them.  If you’re working in an environment where you are left on your own and feel unsafe, tell your supervisor.

If you feel pressured or are “spoken to” about walking to a secure comfortable environment or raising a matter of concern then contact the ASU, ASU Delegates or your OHS Reps immediately.

Stay tuned for updates – in the meantime support, protect and back each other up, the ASU has your back.

Yours in Unity,

Ingrid Stitt
Branch Secretary


26 April 2018


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