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ASU members say NO to Virgin’s proposed pay cuts

Your ASU delegates met with Virgin on 8 June 2017 and responded to Virgin’s log of claims.

We told management that ASU members do not deserve a pay cut, so we reject their claims to:

  • Increase the spread of hours from 0700 – 1800 to 0600 – 1800 (cutting millions of dollars in penalty rates from their workers’ pay)
  • Reduce higher duties allowance
  • Reduce overtime pay

We also told management we reject their claims to:

  • Reduce personal/carers leave accrual from 18 days a year to 13 days a year
  • Remove Recognition Days altogether
  • Give themselves the right to conduct searches of employee personal property when they are “investigating property theft”.

Your ASU delegates told management that ASU members want more job security, more hours (instead of hours going to labour hire contractors), and fairer rostering. We need an agreement that makes working at Virgin better, not worse. We are next meeting with Virgin on 21 June 2017 and will report back to members after that meeting.

10 hour shifts for all staff, not just part timers

We’ve had some questions from members about this – we want to clarify that the changes proposed by management would enable them to roster all staff with flexible shift lengths – meaning all staff (full time or part time) could be rostered on 10 hour shifts without overtime pay. This would also mean that full time staff could be rostered for shorter shifts – as short as 4 hours!

Now is the time to join with your colleagues and stop these changes. Join your union today:

We will be consulting with union members about these changes in coming weeks. If you have any questions please contact your local workplace delegates and ASU organiser.


9 June 2017


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Imogen Sturni


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