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Dnata – A massive Yes vote!

91% of employees vote yes for the new Ramp and Cargo EBA.

 Voting for your new EBA closed on Friday evening and the results are in.  People have voted in favour of an EBA that delivers significant improvements and job security to members.

Summary of EBA Outcome.

  • All your current conditions have been maintained or improved, no one has lost anything
  • There are many significant improvements
  • Protection from the use of AHSA
  • No permanent B rates of pay for new starters
  • Pay increases that average 2.75% a year with the first two 2% increases paid together and back paid followed 12 months later by another 4% increase.
  • A years’ worth of back pay for all hours worked since 1 July 2017
  • Increase in superannuation to 10%
  • Improved Redundancy Provisions
  • All required employees will be directly and permanently employed
  • Casuals and labour hire can only be used as genuine supplementary labour
  • Permanent employees will be offered additional hours and or longer shifts before an ad-hoc casual is called in to cover a shift
  • Flight Clerks correctly classified
  • More accurate clerical classification structure for Cargo.

It cannot be understated how important it was to stop AHSA being used separately and at cheaper rates .

What next? 

The Union and dnata will file all necessary paperwork with the Fair Work Commission as soon as possible.

Once lodged with the FWC we will need to wait until they assess the agreement and approve it.  Unfortunately, this process is currently taking significantly longer than it has in the past and you can expect this procedure to take as long as three months or so.

We will keep you advised of the process during this period however, be assured that you will be back paid once the EBA is formally approved by the FWC.

Close call.

Let’s not forget how close AHSA was to becoming a reality with significant reductions in terms and conditions of employment.

Without union members;

  • AHSA would be in place with a second rate EBA,
  • there would be no new EBA or pay increases for dnata employees.
  • you would have no job security.

This EBA was only possible due to large numbers of employees being members of the Union.  If you’re still a non-member you should thank a union member for saving your job and giving you a pay rise.  Better still, join the ASU and contribute to making sure that jobs are decent and secure and meet industry standards.  Don’t stand by and let others do the heavy lifting.  Together we are stronger – join today.

Print or download a PDF copy of the bulletin here.


13 March 2018


Industry Bulletins


Matt Norrey


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