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dnata PAX – Bargaining recommences for new EBA

Your ASU delegates, Maria and Nerisa along with Matt Norrey from the ASU met with dnata management to formerly recommence negotiations for your EBA.

As has been outlined to you over the last 12 months the overriding issue has been to ensure that AHSA could not be utilised to undermine your current terms and conditions of employment.  With this in mind the ASU has been negotiating and has finalised the Ramp and Cargo EBA Nationally, Brisbane PAX and Adelaide PAX EBA’s to ensure that we were able to eradicate the use of AHSA from those agreements and gain other significant improvements for your colleagues in these areas.

Whilst negotiating the above agreements the default position has been that any improvements made would be applied to the Melbourne EBA once we recommenced bargaining.

Our claims?

We have told dnata that you want;

  • All current terms and conditions maintained
  • AHSA not to be utilised
  • A fair and reasonable pay increase
  • An increase to superannuation
  • Increased rates for allowances
  • Better consultative provisions
  • Better redundancy provisions
  • Better higher duty provisions that ensure vacant positions are filled quickly
  • Better rostering principles
  • Fairness and equity in the distribution of shifts
  • Fairness and equity in the allocation and distribution of overtime
  • Better access to annual leave
  • Modernise parental leave provisions
  • Ensure superannuation is paid whilst on paid parental leave

And more…..

Where to next?

We have scheduled another meeting with dnata so that they can formally respond to our claims and come back with a pay offer.

After this meeting the ASU will have members meetings to update everyone on the current status of negotiations and to seek feedback from you.

We expect that the negotiating process will not take too long considering that we have been working on the broad issues of insulating you from the use of AHSA for over 12 months now.

Don’t forget where we started!

It’s important to remember where we started.

12 months ago everyone in dnata was facing the threat of AHSA being used to reduce terms and conditions in the industry and put your jobs at risk.  The only reason we have been able to stop this from happening is due to strong union membership.  The vast majority of employees in Melbourne are union members which has ensured that we have been able to hold the company to account.

If you know someone that is not in the union, remind them that they only have the benefits that they have because of the union and union members.  Please encourage them to join.

Stay tuned for the dates and times of upcoming union meetings and make sure you attend.

In Solidarity

Matt Norrey
Australian Services Union


11 August 2018


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Matt Norrey


EBA, Dnata, Melbourne Airport