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Dnata PAX – Bargaining on track

The ASU and your delegates held further negotiations for your EBA on Friday 31 August 2018.  Significant progress has been made and we are hopeful that we will be able to formally present an offer to you within the next couple of weeks.

The ASU will organise for all members to attend paid members meetings so that you get a full briefing and explanation as to the content of the EBA and to give you the chance to vote to confirm that you’re happy with the outcome.

As has been previously explained it was important that we finalised some of the other EBA’s to ensure that AHSA was knocked out prior to doing Melbourne’s Agreement.  We are happy to say that over the last month or so the Ramp and Cargo EBA has finally been approved in the Fair Work Commission.  The Adelaide and Brisbane Passenger Agreements have been voted up by members with a massive yes vote and are currently awaiting approval in the Fair Work Commission.

Good Riddens AHSA.

The ASU has managed to stop the use of AHSA and we have ensured all employees are paid the same.

Anyone that was employed under AHSA conditions are now employed directly by dnata on EBA rates of pay and conditions.

Additionally, we have also ensured that everyone is directly employed by stopping the use of labour hire agencies such as Bailey’s.

What have we achieved so far?

Whilst nothing is formally agreed until everything is finalised following is a summary of the progress we have made to date.

  • All current terms and conditions maintained  YES
  • AHSA can not to be utilised  YES
  • Restrictions on the use of labour hire and casuals  YES
  • An increase to superannuation  YES
  • All allowances maintained  YES
  • Better consultative provisions  YES
  • Better redundancy provisions  YES
  • Better higher duties provisions that ensure vacant positions are filled quickly  YES
  • Better rostering principles  YES
  • Fairness and equity in the distribution of shifts  YES
  • Fairness and equity in the allocation and distribution of overtime  YES
  • Modernise parental leave provisions  YES
  • Ensure superannuation is paid whilst on paid parental leave  YES
  • A fair and reasonable pay increase (TBD)
  • All monetary improvements to be backdated to July 2018  YES

And more…..

Where to next?

We have scheduled another meeting with dnata for Tuesday 11 September 2018 after which we would expect to be very close to bringing the offer to members to decide on the overall package of improvements and protections.

Stronger together!

The only reason we have the ability to hold dnata to account and deliver good outcomes for members is due to the fact that we have strong union membership.  If you know one of the few

non-members remind them that they only have what they have because of you and the union.

Please encourage them to join.

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In Solidarity

Matt Norrey
Australian Services Union


3 September 2018


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Matt Norrey


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