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Jetstar, it’s a BIG YES to ASU EBA 6!

ASU EBA 6 has been approved by the majority of staff who voted. 97% of staff who voted in the ballot voted in favour of the Agreement making EBA 6 one of the strongest supported ASU EBAs negotiated.

This is not surprising as the EBA contains some ground breaking new provisions never before available at Jetstar like family violence leave and additional paid parental leave available to be put into superannuation.

What next?
The Union and Jetstar will file all necessary paperwork with the Fair Work Commission as soon as possible.

Once lodged with the FWC we will need to wait until they assess the agreement and approve it.  Unfortunately, this process is currently taking significantly longer than it has in the past and you can expect this procedure to take as long as three months or so.

The first salary increase of 3% is payable from the 1st full pay period in April 2018 and will backdated on approval of the Agreement by the Fair Work Commission.

You will then receive a further 3% each 1st full pay period in April in years 2019, 2020 & 2021.

Strong ASU Membership
This EBA was only possible due to large numbers of employees being members of the Union.

If you’re still a non-member you should thank a union member for delivering you a pay rise and many improvements to your terms and conditions of employment.  Don’t stand by and let others do the heavy lifting.  If you, or a colleague are not yet members of the union, now is the time to join. You can join online here:

Well done to all our ASU members for making this outcome possible with your collective strength.

Need more information?
For further information please contact your local ASU delegates or ASU organiser Kristy McNicol at

In Unity,

Ingrid Stitt
Branch Secretary


19 April 2018


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