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Mass Delegates Meeting – Change the Rules

Working people are facing some of the most significant threats to working conditions and rates of pay that we have seen since WorkChoices.

Even though profits are booming, a third of big business still don’t pay any tax. Many more are also engaged in a race to the bottom on wages, conditions and job security.

The rules are working for big business many of whom are making massive profits. Executive bonuses are at all time highs.

But for working people, the rules are broken.

Wage rises have flat lined. Too many people are in casualised and insecure work, and inequality is at a 70-year high.

The gap between the very rich and everyone else, is at record highs.

If we don’t all stand up then the things that have been fought for and won by the Union movement for generations are at risk of being lost.

We need as many of our delegates to attend the mass delegates meeting organised at Melbourne Town Hall at 10am on Tuesday 17 April.

All Delegates will receive a full briefing about the major challenges we face and how we intend to change the rules to get stronger and more effective universal rights, more secure jobs, fair pay increases and rights for workers that can be enforced.

This is a once in a generation fight that we must have to secure our working conditions and protect them for our children and future generations.

We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s time to change the rules!


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6 April 2018


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Imogen Sturni