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Maurice Blackburn EBA Update

On the 10th of July we had our second EBA meeting.

While the first EBA meeting on the 26th of June was largely administrative in nature, in this second meeting we performed the important task of tabling our respective Log of Claims and having an introductory discussion regarding the contents of each log (please find attached the ASU and Maurice Blackburn logs below for reference).

ASU members will appreciate these are still early days in the negotiation and there will be much discussion and argument to come concerning these log items. Both the ASU and Maurice Blackburn have agreed to provide each other more information, details, draft clauses etc. in time for the next EBA meeting on the 31st of July. It is expected that both parties will be clearer with where we each stand on certain issues after the meeting on the 31st of July.

Meanwhile, ASU delegates at Maurice Blackburn will convene from across the country on the 24th of July at the ASU HQ in Carlton for an important EBA training day. This training will ensure we have the opportunity to meet with our delegates in our own space and teach essential bargaining and industrial law skills to the team that will be representing you in the negotiating room. The Maurice Blackburn Log will also be discussed in detail at the ASU EBA training day.

The ASU will keep members informed of any major developments during the EBA negotiations. As we progress through the negotiations and milestones are reached, further members meetings will be held at the respective Maurice Blackburn offices. Stay tuned for more updates!

For full details and the log of claims click here.


17 July 2019


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Matt Norrey