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Oxfam EBA Update

Last week your ASU negotiating team met with management to continue discussing the terms and conditions of your new enterprise agreement.

The ASU rejected managements 1% pay offer and expressed its disappointment in Oxfam offering such an ill-considered minimalistic pay offer that would see your wages going backwards.  Throughout all discussions the ASU has expressed its desire to avoid ambit and or frivolous claims and have suggested Oxfam review its approach to future discussions and come back with a more realistic pay offer.

We also outlined with management our clause priorities that include improvements to the consultation clause, the dispute settling procedure, family violence leave, and TOIL.

We will meet again early in the new year to continue the negotiations.

If you have any questions please contact your ASU organiser Cassie Farley on 0404 865499 or

Thanks for all your hard work this year I hope you have a good well earned break.

See you in the new year.


19 December 2018


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Imogen Sturni


EBA, Oxfam