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Oxfam fail to consult

Oxfam Australia has failed to consult with the ASU and the Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) regarding their recent decision to freeze recruitment and to not renew any existing contracts.

Under your EBA Oxfam management have an obligation to consult with the ASU via the SCC before deciding on any major change that will significantly impact staff.

Oxfam’s failure to consult with employees and employee reps is poor form and the ASU will not sit idly by whilst Oxfam treat their hard working, loyal, dedicated staff in this way.

The ASU only received a phone call regarding Oxfam’s decision at the time that employees were notified.  This is not what we call “genuine consultation”

How much thought was put into this decision?

We are at a loss as to some of the decisions made and how this may further impact on Oxfam’s bottom line by cutting particular roles during what is arguably a peak time for fundraising.

Was this a rushed decision?

There’re only two possible answers to this question and unfortunately neither of them bodes well.

The SCC met on the 4 September 2018, less than 2 weeks before the announcement was made.  Therefore Oxfam either;

a)   intentionally chose not to disclose what it was planning,

b)   had no plans at that time and have therefore rushed through a decision that has not been well thought through and that potentially has significant ramifications for many employees.

 Oxfam claim board approved.

Oxfam has claimed that the board approved this decision, so what do you think?

a)   Oxfam “forgot” to disclose such an important matter during the SCC, or

b)   Oxfam intentionally chose to avoid its obligations under the EBA.

The ASU has written to Oxfam requesting they provide us with information about their decision.  A copy of the email can be read here.

Failure to comply with the requests made will result in an escalation of the dispute and we have reserved our right to seek redress in other industrial tribunals and or industrial remedies.

Enterprise Bargaining

Bargaining for a new Agreement is about to commence.  Members meetings will be held in the very near future to seek input and guidance from you.  If the current attitude of Oxfam is anything to go by then it is more important now than ever before to join the Union and help to protect your terms and conditions of employment.  Please get on board if you’re not a member and support your colleagues.

Enough is enough!

The ASU, your delegates and members are willing to work collaborative with Oxfam Australia to assist in finding solutions to matters of importance through genuine consultation and engagement with members, however, Oxfam has an obligation to abide by the consultation provisions in your EBA and the ASU will act to ensure that these obligations are fully met.

Download a copy of the bulletin here.


20 September 2018


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Matt Norrey