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What would a Penalty Rate cut mean for ASU Members?

Weekends are as important as they have ever been.

Did you know that in 1997 69.7% of us had jobs from Monday to Friday and in 2012 this figure was 68.9%? But there’s many of our members who are shift workers and work weekends, nights and public holidays when most Australians are enjoying time with their family and friends.

That’s why protecting penalty rates are so important.  It recognises that people who do work those unsociable hours to work in call centres, support our transport and courier infrastructure or staff our airports, do deserve proper compensation.

The Federal Government has tried to pass the Fair Work (Amendment) Bill which would make it easier for bosses to pressure workers into reducing their penalty rates through individual contracts where bargaining power is unequal.  Their agenda is clear – it is to undermine penalty rates and appease employer groups who only want businesses to make greater profits at the expense of workers.

This election, you’ve got an opportunity to have a say about what you think the future of penalty rates should be.  Make sure you send a message that cutting compensation that many people rely on to make ends meet is not on.


14 June 2016