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Progress on Jetstar EBA6 has been made but there is more to do

The ASU Jetstar National Negotiating team (NNT) met for a day-long meeting to work through Jetstar’s proposals, before meeting with management representatives on 5th December.

Discussions with the business continue for the most part to be productive.  Jetstar has acknowledged many of your issues and we are continuing to debate the solutions.

We have covered a lot of ground on the issues around consultation and rostering, as well as the application of the EBA for matters like applicable penalties and overtime arrangements.

Other claims continue to be considered as part of an overall package. These debates have included increases to remuneration, baggage commission, parental leave and redundancy schemes, as well as training delivery at each port.

It will be a little while longer before we can confirm some improvements have been settled.

Holiday Season

We are optimistic that in the New Year your NNT will be able to start some members meetings about a package we can recommend.

We would also like to take the opportunity to wish you well this season. Whether you are working, travelling or taking time off, please enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before its back to business for 2018!

What’s next?

The NNT team will be spending more time on the wording for your agreement. We will meet informally in the meantime then come back to the bargaining table as early in January 2018 as possible.

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13 December 2017


Imogen Sturni