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Qantas – Brace Yourself Airport Workforce Planning will affect you

The ASU has had 8 meetings (last one on 21st February 2018) with Qantas about the centralisation of Airport Workforce Planning (Resources) to Sydney and we are none the wiser about what systems will be in place to perform normal everyday requests that are processed locally.

We are worried – if you work at an airport you should be too.

Qantas management says they intend to maintain the same process for requesting DILs, Z days annual leave etc. as currently exists – but when we ask how you do that if the day off ops people are in Sydney we get blank stares from management.

We strongly believe the centralisation will have serious ramifications for how you work – yet we are greeted with a “don’t worry be happy” attitude from management.

Qantas management wants to roll out the cutover to centralisation to regional ports by 31st May 2018 yet basic planning on key issues affecting airports staff is nowhere near finalised. The regional ports cutover is followed by Melbourne airport and then other airports.

We cannot see how the time frames that Qantas is telling us can be met when they cannot articulate how it will work for frontline staff at airports. After all it is your rosters and your pay we are talking about not the empire of someone in Sydney head office.

Ask questions

It is time to ask questions of your local airport management – what are they doing and saying about the roll out – it will all be too late when the resources staff lose their jobs to recognise what is happening.

We urge you to talk to your local ASU delegates for an update. We will be holding meetings, make sure you attend.

Members Meetings

The ASU will be conducting members meetings in the lunchroom please make sure you come along;

Tuesday 27 February at 10.30, 11, 1130, 12, 1230, 1300

Wednesday 28 February at 10.30, 11, 1130, 12, 1230, 1300

If you have any questions contact your local ASU delegates or Imogen Sturni from the ASU:

Print a copy of the bulletin here.


23 February 2018


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Matt Norrey


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