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Startrack ASU Delegate Nominations

The ASU is calling for expressions of interest for any ASU member interested in becoming an ASU delegate.

Currently there is 2 ASU delegates within your workplace, Sonja Griffin & Rob Andrew. We would like to increase the delegate numbers to ensure that we can best address your workplace issues.

We have decided to do an expression of interest process so that we can see who is interested and then meet with those individuals to properly explain the role of being a delegate and to answer any questions that you may have.

Once we have concluded the EOI process and spoken to any interested members then we will either appoint people into the role or (in the event that more people nominate than there are positions) run an election for the available positions.  If an election is necessary then all members of the ASU will have the opportunity to vote.

If you would like more information please speak to Sonja or Rob or contact Kristy McNicol from the ASU.

Expressions of interest will close on Monday 18th December 2017

Print or download nomination form here


13 December 2017


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