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Virgin Pay Rise & Backpay

Wishing all ASU members at Virgin a Happy Pay Rise and Backpay Day this Wednesday the 15th of August.

Your pay will increase to the new 2018 rates on Sunday 29 July (which will show up in your pay on Wednesday 15 August). However, you will also be paid backpay – 2.25% for the period from July 2017, and an additional 2.5% for July 2018. You will receive this backpay in your pay on Wednesday 15 August 2018.  Your next pay increase will be a further 2.75% on 1 July 2019.

What else is included in the new Agreement:

  • Pay increases:
    • 2.25% backdated to 1 July 2017, 2.5% from 1 July 2018, and 2.75% from 1 July 2019.  View the updated pay rates booklet here.
    • ROS day abolished – FT employees will work 1 8hr50min shift each 6 day cycle, with no ROS days. This will happen from the roster cycle that starts on 8 October 2018.
    • Part time minimum hours increased – PT employees guaranteed minimum 25 hours a week (24 for solely international workers). Currently 22 hours a week (20 for solely international workers)
    • 105 part time employees converted to full time over the life of the agreement (ASU will be consulted on where these jobs are, and will communicate with members along the way)
    • Right to request a year career break
    • A new National Consultative Committee where your ASU representatives will be able to continue discussions on improving workplace conditions like fair use of chronologies
    • Fairer job selection procedure
    • Fairer annual leave approval process
    • Access to up 10 days family violence leave a year
    • Some changes to Personal/Carers Leave:
      • Currently, the entitlement is 13 days in first year of employment, and 18 days in each year thereafter (includes compassionate leave and emergency leave).
      • New entitlement will be 13 days in first year of employment, and 16 days in each year thereafter. 2 days (or 3 if you need to travel over 400km) compassionate leave per occasion, as well as 3 days of emergency leave (used for domestic emergencies you need to attend to) will be on top

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14 August 2018


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