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Unite Journal February 2019

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To get a bonus or not to get a bonus, that is the question

25 January 2019

On Thursday 25th January, Slater and Gordon held a second briefing session about the proposed changes to the incentive scheme.  The ASU was not aware that a meeting had already been held prior to this date and only got invited to the latter two meetings after we discovered that they had been scheduled for the

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Industry Bulletins

Slater’s – The year ahead is shaping up to be another big one! Welcome to 2019

23 January 2019

What’s ahead for 2019? Throughout 2019 we expect that Slater’s intends to address and or overhaul many of their current policies and practices associated with you as employees.  Whether that is a refresh of policies and procedures, incentive scheme reviews, market comparison of classifications and rates of pay or the multitude of other issues that

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