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General Updates

Qantas Abandons Australian Call Centre Jobs – Again!

2 February 2017

At a time when Australians are crying out for more investment in jobs and skills, Australia’s national carrier Qantas has decided to change provider for their frequent flyer loyalty program.  This decision, made with the stroke of a pen by some highly paid Executive with a Sydney harbour view, means that over 100 loyal and

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Key facts: Qantas / ASU EBA 11

12 October 2016

The new Qantas / ASU EBA 11 is a big win for ASU members, delivering better pay and conditions, improved job security and more flexible and fairer working arrangements.  The agreement has benefits for all Qantas ground staff, across the country. After sticking with the airline through the toughest of times, workers deserve reward for

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General Updates

Union says plebiscite on marriage equality will cause workplace discrimination

14 September 2016

The long-standing ASU position on marriage rights for LGBTIQ people is that it’s simply a matter of equality, and therefore we support changes to the relevant laws to ensure the LGBTIQ community has access to marriage on an equal basis with non-LGBTIQ Australians. Today we are adding our opposition to the plebiscite proposed by Malcolm

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