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Exclusive ASU Budget Analysis – Epic Fail

2 April 2019

The federal pre-election sales pitch budget has failed to provide any plan to increase real wages or deliver secure jobs. Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government has used $4 billion in unspent NDIS money to prop-up a budget surplus and at the same time have given tax cuts to people who earn over $200,000 a

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Blog Opinion

What would a Penalty Rate cut mean for ASU Members?

14 June 2016

Weekends are as important as they have ever been. Did you know that in 1997 69.7% of us had jobs from Monday to Friday and in 2012 this figure was 68.9%? But there’s many of our members who are shift workers and work weekends, nights and public holidays when most Australians are enjoying time with

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Women need super security too

15 July 2015

In all the talk of age pensions, political deals and savings measures, we often forget the group in our society most negatively affected by cuts to safety nets: our women. Click here for full article in Working Life. 

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