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General Updates

Qantas Abandons Australian Call Centre Jobs – Again!

2 February 2017

At a time when Australians are crying out for more investment in jobs and skills, Australia’s national carrier Qantas has decided to change provider for their frequent flyer loyalty program.  This decision, made with the stroke of a pen by some highly paid Executive with a Sydney harbour view, means that over 100 loyal and

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Industry Bulletins

Qantas – It’s a BIG YES to ASU EBA 11

12 October 2016

Qantas staff have voted overwhelmingly to endorse the ASU EBA 11 deal negotiated and recommended by the ASU’s Qantas National Negotiating Team. The external company conducting the ballot, Elections Australia Pty Ltd today declared that ASU EBA 11 has been approved by the majority of staff who voted. 93.6% of staff who voted in the

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Industry Bulletins

Time to vote YES for the ASU Qantas EBA 11

3 October 2016

Voting for the ASU Qantas EBA 11 starts at 9am EST today, Monday 3rd October 2016, and the ASU is recommending that you vote YES to accept this agreement. This is the formal voting process required under the Fair Work Act and so even though ASU members may have already voted in the ASU’s internal

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