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Industry Bulletins

StarTrack EBA Bargaining to Commence!

5 June 2017

ASU officials met with Startrack Express managers on June 2 2017 in Melbourne to discuss commencing negotiations for a new EBA. The current EBA expires for re-negotiation purposes soon. What is the first step? Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) The Fair Work Act requires Startrack to provide all employees who are to be covered

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Industry Bulletins

Startrack ASU delegate nominations 2016

10 August 2016

The ASU is calling for expressions of interest for any ASU member interested in becoming an ASU delegate. Currently there is 2 ASU delegates within your workplace, Sonja Griffin & Rob Andrew. We would like to increase the delegate numbers to ensure that we can best address your workplace issues. We have decided to do

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Startrack – Your next EBA pay rise is due in July!

9 June 2016

Your next EBA pay increase of 3% is due to commence on the first full pay period after 1 July 2016. No union = no pay rise This EBA pay rise was brought to you by union members.  Through the hard work and unity of union members we have secured significant improvements to the pay

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