Join the ASU to protect your rights at work!

We are one of the largest and most diverse unions in Australia with 130,000 members.

Through the Australian Services Union, workers draw on their collective strength to deliver better pay, conditions and services that help you get ahead, or manage the tough times.

Our union sets its ambitions very high, in terms of what we can achieve for our members & the wider community. We have an innovative and creative approach and we take on issues that matter to members no matter how big or small.

We make sure members have service options that recognise all members are unique. Some people want help with professional development; others value discounts on goods & services that take pressure off the budget; others join to ensure they get the best possible pay and conditions for their industry; and some people just want the assurance that if something goes wrong at work, they’ll get the advice & representation they need.

Everyone’s different but we’re here for all our members, every step of your working life.


The Victorian Private Sector Branch of the union represents people working across a diverse range of industries and professions. We have members in:

  • Customer service
  • Administration and clerical
  • The legal sector
  • Airline ground handling services
  • Maintenance, freight (within airlines)
  • Technical & IT (within airlines)
  • Call centers (within airlines)
  • NGO’s
  • Community & social services
  • Transport, freight and logistics
  • Gaming & wagering
  • Call centres
  • Many other industries

If you’re not sure if we cover you get in contact, there’s every chance we can represent you in your workplace.

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ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Congratulations, you’ve nearly made it to the end of 2020!

But we know that this last stretch of the year is difficult and stressful for many people. To avoid getting bogged down with work, struggling for any balance or burning out, we have readily available short courses ready to help you out and get on top of this busy time of year. Register at:
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch

ASU members can now access an exclusive 2% discount on Bunnings pre-purchased eGift Cards.

Sign in or register for your ASU Member Advantace account at:

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ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
166 years ago today, a rebellion of miners on the Ballarat goldfields culminated in the murder of dozens of diggers at the hands of the British army.

They were demanding the right to vote, fairer taxation for workers and independence from a foreign government that treated them first with brutal indifference and then with indifferent brutality.

The mighty symbol they resisted under – the Eureka Flag – was and is a symbol of solidarity. Thousands of people, Irish, Italian, Chinese, African American and from other corners of the globe, gathered underneath it to “stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties”.

They lost the battle but won the war. Their stand that day lead to the start of Australia’s imperfect democracy, which we strive to improve on to this day. We continue to draw inspiration from their struggle.
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Do you work in the airlines sector? ✈️ ✈️

We know it has been a tough and challenging year. Throughout this unprecedented pandemic, union members across the airlines sector have fought to Keep Australia Flying.

We want to hear from you about your experience. The ASU has launched a survey for all airlines workers to form our Senate Inquiry submission. We need workers front and centre of this Inquiry.

Please fill out the short survey to share your experience with us
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Happy #EqualPayDay!

Congratulations to all the ASU members who fought and won Equal Pay in 2012 and for successfully saving Equal Pay again in this year's budget. Because of this work, from today social, community and disability workers are getting a PAY RISE!
To find out what your new rate is use our Equal Pay calculator:
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Australian Services Union
Today is #EqualPayDay for 200,000 community and disability workers who achieve Equal Pay today. Australian Services Union members won pay increases of between $200 and $650 a week, phased in over 8 years - with the final installment coming from today. Calculate your pay rise here:
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Where you can, #supportlocal this Christmas 🎄